Here's a pro tip from The Daily Caller, America: Never take a mysterious snack offered by some random cab driver in the third-largest city in Japan.

Just don't do it—even if you are famished or the snacks look really tasty.

Some 50 women in the city of Osaka sadly failed to heed this sage advice, reports the Bangkok Post.

This week, police said the Japanese cab driver, Toshihiko Nishi, somehow enticed the four dozen or so women into his vehicle for long trips. At least once, he baited a woman with half-price fare.

Nishi, 41, then offered crackers to the passengers once they were inside his cab.

The crackers were covered with apparently pharmaceutical-grade diuretics, which are substances that promote the production of urine.

He bought the diuretics thanks to the magic of the Internet. He mashed them down into dust and mixed them with the crackers.

When the women then felt the strong urge to use the bathroom, Nishi refused to let them out to do so. Eventually, they had no choice but to urinate in the backseat of the cab.

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